AUGUST 31 2021


1. Oxford House has recently acquired several residences in Saskatoon for further implementation of the Oxford House model of maintaining sobriety. Thank you to our latest funding partners for making this possible! 

2. Effective immediately and until further notice, all Members of Oxford House Saskatchewan must provide proof of Coronovirus-19 vaccination before entry is permitted.

Oxford House Saskatchewan ensures safe, supportive and sober living environments for individuals in recovery so they will have a sense of belonging, safety and want to be contributing members of society.


Oxford House Saskatchewan provides housing and supports to allow individuals in recovery opportunities to regain the strength required to live and work with dignity and pride.

You can support our cause by contributing either to our current capital fund raising campaign or applying your donation to our ongoing operational needs. 


Oxford House Saskatchewan (OHS) is a CRA-registered charitable organization which provides housing and support for individuals who have recently completed an addictions treatment program, are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness, and express a strong desire to continue their recovery in a drug-free environment. OHS has proven to be a critical service provider within Regina. The long-term vision is to expand the OHS to the Saskatoon area and across Saskatchewan. Oxford House Saskatchewan is the only non-profit in Saskatchewan to provide this type of support for recovering addicts.

Often recovering addicts have insufficient supports to succeed in long term recovery upon completion of a treatment program. Without post-recovery support, the result is recidivism for an estimated 90% of this vulnerable sector. Providing support is key to the concept while ensuring Member accountability to improve these outcomes.